Hi there! How are you all? Sometimes it is time for a little change, so I decided to write in english. With the coming of a new job, I can -finally- do a lot more buying, which I ofcourse will show you all. My ever growing wishlist has reached it's max, so time to shop! Soon there will be a new bag, which I get partly for my birthday in about a month. I still have to decide which size and which colour, dilemma's. They're all so pretty. But this bag isn't the only thing on the wishlist, I'll also get a new wallet very soon. I've had one in mind for about a few months now, be continued! And besides shopping, I really do want to travel more. My wish is to go to Barcelona again this year, but also visit Paris, and next year New York. So much things to do! To my readers from abroad, here something about me. I'm Danielle, a 22y/o medical student living in the Netherlands. I'll show you my love for fashion, sports, sequins and sometimes maybe a little scalpel ;) I'm off studying, see you soon!
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