Hi there everyone! I've been working out quite a lot lately and although the numbers on the scale aren't dropping a lot, I really do see some differences when I take my measurements. In the first picture you see my sports shoes, grey with neon pink Nikes, very comfortable! When I was doing the groceries, I saw this melon screaming my name. I love melons and they remind me of summer, which we actually need now. I'm still freezing my butt off here in Holland, although the sun is also showing up. This is my favourite smoothie, which my boyfriend always makes for me. It is pineapple with raspberries, you definitely have to try it some time. In the last picture you see my two new sports tops which arrived today. I secretly bought them one size smaller and they already fit. But for a better fit, some work has to be done!

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  1. Ah goood job, ik moet ook maar mijn lichaam summer proof maken!


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